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Golden Fluid acrylic is an undiluted acrylic that provides optimal tinting strength and coverage. read full description
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From $ 9.05
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Product description
The fluid acrylic paint by Golden embodies outstanding artistic performance with its innovative formula. Its fluid texture allows for seamless application on various surfaces, providing an unparalleled creative experience. This undiluted paint offers exceptional coverage, revealing vibrant nuances and intense color saturation.

Golden's diverse fluid acrylic palette empowers artists to explore an infinite range of creative expressions. Its optimal fluidity facilitates blending, layering, and subtle transitions between hues. Finely ground pigments ensure enduring brightness, capturing the vitality of each artwork.

The versatility of this fluid paint extends to various artistic mediums, adapting seamlessly to brushes, airbrushes, spatulas, and other techniques. Whether for gestural painting, pouring, drawing, or calligraphy, Golden's fluid acrylic excels in every application, offering unmatched artistic freedom.

In addition to its impressive visual impact, Golden's fluid acrylic paint is renowned for its durability. It maintains its brilliance over time due to its chemical and water resistance. This quality makes Golden's Fluid Acrylic the preferred choice for both professional and amateur artists aiming to create timeless artworks.

Whether on canvas, paper, panels, or other surfaces, Golden's fluid acrylic paint adapts to all artistic environments. It can be used alone or combined with other products in the Golden range, providing an infinite palette of creative possibilities.

This range is available in 3 sizes:

o 30 ml
o 118 ml
o 473 ml
Fluid Acrylics
Common Description
A fluid feature with the same intensity and quality as the GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics.
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