Drawing & Painting classes 1/10


When Mon, 14 Jan 19 10:00 - 16:00
Where Vaudreuil - Quebec
22800 Chemin Dumberry
Registration lindascottharris @ sympatico.ca

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«Drawing & Painting classes 1/10»

Drawing & Painting

If you wish to develop your artistic skills, or renew your skills , through the medium of oil painting and, or drawing,  all the while learning, and creating paintings you will be proud to show to your family and friends, then this course is for you!

No previous experience is necessary.

Learning to paint and draw is quite a simple process…what may seem difficult or complicated at first glance, is really quite easy once it is broken down and simplified.

In a step by step process you will discover:


1.How to put an image or drawing on a support.

2.How to see and mix color using a limited color palette

3 How. to apply the paint to achieve the desired result.

4. How to use various brushes and palette knives.

5 Complete 3-4 finished paintings in a ten week session.

all the while, viewing demonstrations and receiving one on one attention.


My creative endeavours are born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, allowing my perspective as an artist to remain traditional, yet contemporary.


My passion for art, whether drawing, painting or photography is and always has been a constant in my life. Teaching art is something I am equally passionate about. I love to share my knowledge, and see the creativity evolve in someone who didn’t realize they had the ability!


I teach Classical Realism techniques in both drawing and painting, focusing on formal training in drawing and painting techniques and melding it with French Impressionistic Influence. With these techniques we can then strive to paint and draw from direct observation of nature.


Linda Scott Harris