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Since its creation in 1955 by Henry Levison in the USA, Liquitex has played a revolutionary role in the history of acrylic paint. By introducing the first liquid acrylic paints to the market, the brand offered artists an innovative alternative to oil paint, beginning a new era in the art world. Despite its evolution, Liquitex has remained true to its commitment to quality and accessibility.


The Liquitex product range includes a variety of acrylic paints, mediums and additives, offering artists a multitude of options for expressing their creativity. From vibrant colours to experimental textures, Liquitex provides artists with the tools they need to explore and push the boundaries of their art. With a complementary offering of brushes, painting knives and accessories, Liquitex remains a preferred choice for artists whether novice or professional.


Explore the Liquitex Soft Body, Liquitex Heavy Body, Liquitex Basics, Liquitex Freestyle and other product lines.

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